What Does Efficiency Do In Is Minecraft Any Good?


Efficiency is an enchantment in Minecraft that is intended for the players’ equipment. Efficiency, as the name implies, is the process of improving a tool’s performance in a specific task. Axes, shovels, hoes, pickaxes, and shears are all eligible for this enchantment. This enchantment has five levels, and each level increases the effects.

The efficiency enchantment can be obtained in a few different ways. By using an enchantment table, players can create this enchantment. It offers the chance for villagers to sell goods. Naturally generated areas may contain some chests containing magical items.


You can mine blocks more quickly in the game if you have the Efficiency enchantment.

Any pickaxe, shovel, or axe can have the Efficiency enchantment added to it using a game command, anvil, or enchanting table. See how quickly you can unearth items by using the enchanted tool to mine.!

The Efficiency enchantment can be leveled up to a maximum of level 5. This implies that you can bestow an item with an Efficiency V enchantment. The enchantment gets stronger the higher the level.

What Is The Purpose Of Efficiency In Minecraft?

When applied to a tool in Minecraft, efficiency enchantment offers a particular advantage. Only when the tool is used correctly will this result be realized. Axes with the efficiency enchantment won’t change how they pick up dirt.

An efficient ax has a greater chance of stunning enemies who are holding shields. The likelihood that an object will stun someone increases with the level of the enchanted tool.

Efficiency, when applied to a tool, reduces the amount of time needed to mine each block. Dirt can be dug up more quickly with a shovel. The pickaxe can mine through ore and stone more quickly. Each tool that the enchantment is placed on continues to have this effect.

This enchantment can be acquired by a player in a few different ways. You can purchase efficient tools from villagers. A toolsmith or a weaponsmith has a chance to offer players enchanted tools in exchange for emeralds. In naturally generated structures, you can find enchanted tools and an enchantment book as loot.

Additionally, players can obtain this enchantment by using an enchantment table. By paying lapis lazuli and experience points, a Minecraft enchantment table can add efficiency to a book or a tool. An anvil is used in Minecraft to later combine a book with this enchantment with a tool.

The level of efficiency can also be raised by using the anvil. Players can accomplish this by combining two tools that are equally effective. For instance, in Minecraft, two pickaxes with efficiency level 4 can be combined to create a pickaxe with efficiency level 5.

How The Efficiency Enchantment Works

A tool’s ability to break the right kind of block quickly will depend on its efficiency. The kind of block that would ordinarily be harvested using that tool is the “correct” type. For instance, an axe with the Efficiency enchantment will break stone blocks more slowly than usual, but it will chop through wooden blocks more quickly.

For the fastest mining, you’ll need tools that are level 5, which is the highest level of the Efficiency enchantment. For tools made of stone and diamond, this is, however, fairly difficult to accomplish. The traditional method of enchanting cannot achieve Efficiency level 5 on Stone or Diamond tools.

Getting Efficiency Level 5 On Your Stone Tools

For tools in the Stone tier, you can combine two of the same kind of item to create a new version with an Efficiency level of 5. All you need are both component items with an Efficiency level of 4. On an Anvil, you can combine two enchanted tools. Enchanting Stone tools would be a waste of time, though. Save your experience points for enchanting tools that are at least Iron-tier quality.

You’ll need 3 iron blocks and 4 iron ingots to create an anvil. Place the three Iron Blocks in the top row of a crafting table to begin assembling the anvil. Then, set 3 Iron Ingots on the bottom row and 1 in the middle slot.

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Getting Efficiency Level 5 On Your Diamond Tools

Additionally, using either an Enchanting Table or an Anvil will not allow you to naturally enchant a Diamond-tier tool with Efficiency level 5. A Diamond-tier tool with an Efficiency level of 5 can only be acquired by finding one in a specific location’s chest.

In the Chests of Bastion Remnants and End Cities, these tools have a minuscule chance of showing up. Therefore, to locate the most effective Diamond tools, you’ll either need to travel to the Nether or the End.

The Effects Of Each Level Of The Efficiency Enchantment

  • +25% mining speed at level 1
  • +30% mining speed at level 2
  • +35% mining speed at level 3
  • +40% mining speed at level 4
  • +45% mining speed at level 5