Old Guns Fallout 4: A Complete Guide

old guns fallout 4

The Old Guns is a Minutemen’s second mission, following Taking Independence.

After completing Taking Independence, liberating more Settlements, and speaking with Preston Garvey, this mission becomes available. You learn after speaking with him that a former Minuteman has come back and wants to meet with you at The Castle.

A Complete Guide to the Old Guns Minutemen Quest

A new quest called Old Guns will eventually appear after taking the settlement and defeating a huge Mirelurk Queen in the Castle. Rearming the Castle and restoring it to its former splendor is necessary for this quest in order to defend it from any outsiders and potential Minuteman foes. Although not a difficult quest, it does involve a fairly difficult foe.

Wait Three Days After Taking the Castle

You must first capture the Castle in order to even begin this quest. If you interact with Preston Garvey enough, this quest will inevitably appear at some point because he is notorious for dishing out more and more settlement quests. There are many Mirelurks and their queen living in a large, ancient fort that is home to this settlement.

The call to return to the Castle should come on the Minuteman radio three days after the battle. The Sole Survivor will be asked to come back to the Castle by Ronnie Shaw so that they can talk.

Meet With Ronnie Shaw

A new Minuteman character named Ronnie Shaw will welcome you when you get to the Castle. She is a former Minuteman, and despite the fact that you are the faction’s acting general, she doesn’t take kindly to being treated with respect. She may be a little tough, but she has good intentions and needs your assistance to rearm the Castle.

Ronnie claims that there is a hidden armory with supplies and artillery blueprints. The only entrance, though, is through the tunnels because the doors won’t budge.

Find a Way to Enter the Tunnels

The Castle’s subterranean tunnels have a single entrance and exit. It won’t take long for Ronnie Shaw to point out an entrance that is completely clogged with debris and dirt if you just continue to wander around with her. To access the tunnels below, she will ask you to make the area clear.

Enter the workshop mode to clear the area. Hover over the debris in front of you and make materials out of it. They’ll be useful when you need to construct some Castle-related items later on. Your access to the tunnels should be unrestricted at this point.

old guns fallout 4

Clear the Tunnels

It’s not particularly challenging to navigate the tunnels. A small portion of the underground space is filled with mostly trash and a few scattered items of loot. As you move inside, be aware of turrets, though they should be easy to deal with. Keep an eye out for the numerous mines that are present as well.

Additionally, there will be some radiation, but it shouldn’t be too much. However, if you’re concerned, putting on power armor might be a good idea given the impending boss battle as you move further inside.

Dealing With Sarge

Sarge, an active former defense bot, keeps watching over the tunnels. The key in this situation is to avoid taking damage directly from the sentry bot or allowing it to approach melee attacks. Here, power armor will be very helpful, and energy weapons in general will work more quickly against sentry bots.

Once you’ve defeated him, be sure to pay attention to the former general’s body that is lying on the ground next to a terminal. Obtain the Minuteman general’s outfit by grabbing his uniform, one of the best and most distinctive in the game. Afterward, proceed with Ronnie up to the armory.

Build An Artillery Piece

The armory is full of loot, so be sure to only take what you can carry. The most significant item is a set of blueprints for an artillery piece that Ronnie wants you to construct to bolster the castle’s defenses.

You might have to leave and return with the proper supplies since the Castle is a terrible place to find any junk and components. The following materials are required to construct one artillery piece: 4 wood, 4 concrete, 4 oil, 4 screws, 5 springs, 6 gears, and 16 steel. Don’t forget to gather the smoke flares required for the artillery test.

Test the Artillery

It’s time to put the artillery to the test after you’ve built it and placed it wherever you like. the b… and… the. the. the. the. the. the. the. Before proceeding to the target area, make sure the radio transmitter is turned on for a test. You can choose to set your Pip-Boy’s radio to Radio Freedom.

To hit the desired area, use a smoke flare. The test should end with the artillery firing at that point. In the future, when the Institute or Brotherhood of Steel decides to attack, these smoke grenades can be used to call fire on particular locations.

Finishing the Quest

You need to go talk to Preston Garvey in order to actually complete the quest line of one of the leading players.

Now that Ronnie Shaw is staying there too, she can be dealt with in the same way as a merchant. Depending on the makeup of your character, some of the interesting items she sells might be worth returning for.

Additional Loot

Make sure to go back and collect a few key items of loot that may be easy to overlook during this quest. Grab the magazine from the table next to the radio transmitter, if you haven’t already. Grab the fusion core from the generator before Sarge’s hallway in the tunnels.

A rare Nuka Grenade for any explosive-type character builds is located in the armory on one of the upper shelves that require jumping to reach. The Last Minute gauss rifle can only be obtained by speaking with Ronnie Shaw, so be sure to do so.

old guns fallout 4

Fallout 4 Wiki Guide

You must speak with Ronnie there, so go there. She was a member of the Minutemen before they split up, and after learning about you, she decided to rejoin. She intends to use outdated artillery cannons to fortify The Castle. She will eventually lead you inside to a collapsed tunnel if you follow her around the fort. Scrape the trash and open the tunnel to the lower levels by switching to build mode.

Sarge, a Sentry Bot, will appear when you reach the conclusion. If this is your first encounter with one, be careful. Due to their heavy armor, they deal a ton of damage and withstand frontal assaults with ease. Their Fusion Core is the main area of weakness. One hit kills if you can position yourself behind him and line up a critical shot.

After fighting for so long, they also need to release the core, which will present you with another chance to engage it with fire. As soon as you successfully eliminate him, Ronnie will unlock the door to the subsequent room, where you can learn what happened to the previous General. Loot his great armor, and all the alcohol if you like, then carry on through the door.

This leads you into the former storeroom, where you can loot a variety of exciting weapons and ammunition. The plans on the back table and the artillery flares in the yellow box are the two mission-critical items that must be obtained. Follow Ronnie back to the surface once you have finished looting.

Build an artillery cannon once you are on the surface. In the build menu, they are listed under Special. You might have to wait until you have the parts because they require a significant amount of resources. As it will be secure and out of the way here, we advise placing it somewhere on top of the wall. As the artillery can rotate, don’t worry about which direction it faces. As soon as it is constructed, be sure to assign someone to it!

After you build it, speak with Ronnie, and she will tell you about the test firing. Equip your flares, then walk over to the house next to The Castle. Throw the flare and then take a very, very long step back. A number of shells will be dropped onto the house by the artillery as it eventually turns and fires. After the shelling is finished, Preston will instruct you to speak with him, so go back to him and complete the task!

Conclusion on Old Guns Fallout 4

Before players can begin “Old Guns,” they must first complete the “Taking Independence” quest. The Minutemen Castle must be taken over. To start “Old Guns,” take over four settlements for the Preston Garvey should be contacted. Take control of the Castle and wait a few days.